Thomas Mulberry

Tunbridge Wells

Needed a quick repair on my driveway; Acepaving did an amazing job. They were upfront and clear with communication. The front of my estate hasn’t looked this good for many years.


Laura Dennings


One side of my garden was sinking a bit and it created a mess on rainy days. Got it quickly fixed with Acepaving. Can definitely recommend.


John A.

TuNbridge Wells

Got a bunch of trees removed and the rest of the garden done up. The lads were very helpful and told me exactly what needed to be done.


Gavin Carter

Paddock Wood

Had to recently do a big renovation on my mums house. The boys did a fantastic job with both the front and the back. Going to have to get them to come back and install a patio for me!


Sebastian E


Completely re-did my back patio and the area surrounding it as the last one had a bit of an issue with pooling up drainage water on one side. Contact the Acepaving team, they came in and after everything was settled, they went and got the job done. A great team to work with.



Five oak Green

Recently moved into a new house, which I had renovated. Decided to employ Acepaving so that they could come in and help redesign the front garden to match my new house. They were friendly and great with communication!